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My mission is to provide quality and creative
services for my current & future clients.

Designed to encourage experience and inspire action!

I produce creative advertising content, graphic designs and marketing strategies for my clients digital campaigns, social media, email marketing and print marketing.

With qualifications in graphic design, IT (Multimedia), creative advertising photography & digital marketing, I am a fully equipped creative! My client’s have described me as their secret weapon. Put simply, I am self motivated to get the job done on-time and produce the best quality possible.

My expertise includes re-branding established companies & brands, creating style and direction to launch start up companies and maintaining product awareness for our already established clientele.

Many of my previous clients found great success with their digital campaigns, some even gaining “viral” success, contact me today for a quote and to discuss your digital marketing needs!

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Latest Project

Boss Beauty Business


Boss Beauty Business is a luxury beauty service provider. They offer their private and corporate clients makeup workshops, beauty bars and bridal makeup application. Boss Beauty required a sexy elegant brand and an e-commerce platform for customers to book and pay for their desired services, including an online community backend to educate and inspire clients.

I created an elegant brand with a sexy exclusive undertone and messaging. The website has fully responsive e-commerce functionality, each service is demonstrated with a lifestyle film and informative tutorial, accompanied by a moving image to inspire user experience and encourage bookings.

Where it all started...

Formally known as Breannasheather.com, company director Breanna Sheather initiated the business in 2014, having realised the decline of quality advertising within digital platforms.

Breanna completed a Bachelor of Photography majoring in Creative Advertising, at the Queensland College of Art Griffith University. She commenced her photographic studies with a photo-journalism major and soon found it was creative advertising she was really passionate about.


Breanna’s exceptional retouching, file management and video skills together with her proficiency in all aspects of digital photography and lighting are the founding principles of our main mission, to produce the best quality content possible!

With many of our previous clients having found great success with their digital campaigns, many of which have “gone viral”. We Specialise in the beauty cosmetic industry and take great pride in being awarded the Kayell Australia “Advertising Image of the Year”, in 2014!

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Currently located in Canberra, travelling to Sydney and Brisbane regularly for client projects. I would love to discuss your brand and visual content needs, leave me your contact details & I will get back to you shortly.

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